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South Beach Diet Food Delivery

Jenalee H.-Lost 22 lbs.*
Weight Loss that
“The weight started
to come off...
I never looked back!”
* Jenalee lost 22 lbs. using the traditional South Beach Diet plan. South Beach Diet Delivery foods comply with the traditional South Beach Diet plan. Expected weight loss 1-2 pounds per week when following the South Beach Diet plan with excercise.
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Why South Beach Diet Delivery Works

Enjoy delicious chef-prepared meals that are ready in just minutes. Forget about counting calories and keeping track of points! South Beach Diet Delivery makes losing weight easy by eliminating the hardest part of losing weight – cooking healthy meals.

Our variety of delicious meals is specifically designed to satisfy hunger while helping you achieve the weight loss goal you desire. The South Beach Diet weight loss meal provides home delivery of phase 2 and phase 3. So you can jumpstart weight loss and produce continuous results to help you reach your goal. In Phase 2, you will experience a transition to steady weight loss and a larger variety of delicious weight loss food options. Once you've successfully reached your goal weight, you transition to Phase 3, and we help you maintain your newfound healthy lifestyle.

Phase 1:
14 Days to Eliminate Cravings,
Diet Delivery Starts in Phase 2
Eliminate Cravings

Phase 1 is designed to eliminate cravings for
sugary foods and refined starches as well as
stabilize blood-sugar levels.

Rapid Weight Loss

Have more than 10 pounds to lose? This phase
jumpstarts your weight loss to get you on your
way to your goal.

Just 14 Days to Results

Enjoy filling, nutrient-dense meals and snacks
that satisfy your hunger and keep you feeling full.

Phase 2:
Reach Your Goal Weight Enjoying a
Wide Variety of Delicious Meals
Plenty of Delicious Meals

Phase 2 gradually adds other nutritious foods such
as whole grains and fruits, as well as a number
of additional vegetables.

Ongoing Weight Loss

You will continue to lose weight on this phase,
although more slowly than on Phase 1. Slow and
steady weight loss is the healthy way to lose.

Reach Your Goal Weight

You’ll eat a wide variety of satisfying and
delicious meals until you reach your goal weight.

Phase 3:
Maintain Weight Loss,
for Life!
Enjoy Foods in Moderation

By Phase 3, you understand the importance of
healthy eating and can enjoy all foods in

Keep the Weight Off

If you start to gain again, or find yourself off
track, you can easily go back to Phase 1 or
Phase 2.

Maintain Your Healthy Lifestyle

Your understanding of a healthy lifestyle will help you to maintain your weight loss.